Quarterback battles

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Fall camp opened with a slightly new look to the QB depth chart. After Chazz Anderson left town UC has a vacancy.
They must find both an immediate #2 and a future (2012) starter. Based on spring performance and rep frequency Monday Munchie Legaux is Zack Collaros' backup.
He has not officially been named, but sees the most snaps under center.
Junior Brendon Kay is a reliable, albeit mundane choice. He rarely takes chances or throws down field. Kay has problems sustaining drives. Early enroller Stephen Weatherford(Fr.) spent all spring adapting to the playbook, familiarizing himself with the receivers, and adjusting to the college life. Unfortunately, Head Coach Butch Jones plans to redshirt him. Weatherford is absolutely the QB most in need of strength training.
Patrick Coyne, though eager and strong, still needs more nights scouring over the plays.
Munchie's gifts include a stellar arm and elusive scampering ability. He has to learn to harness that spectacular arm strength though. Too often Monday Legaux overthrew deep routes and lambasted his men on slants and curls.
Crunching Munch(ie)
Sophomore Legaux had his worst practice in almost a year. He struggled mightily in all drills. Facing the second team defense Legaux hit just one receiver out of five passes. When the team moved to single coverage he completed just 18% of passes.
The problem with Legaux is touch. His passes Monday resembled Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn. Strong heaters with little to no accuracy. He has shown better control in month's past, but absolutely needs to hit more chests to earn the trust of QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator Mike Bajakian.
Louisiana-native Legaux is an easy-going guy with big dreams and potential to match. It does not take too much imagination to see him leading the Bearcats onto the field someday. Everything hinges upon his accuracy though.
Kay okay
After years of directing the offense from the sidelines Brendon Kay is seeing glimpses of playing time this fall. Will it continue? Tough to say.
In his first practice of fall camp Kay cautiously identified short routes and capitalized. The few times he went deep Kay looked dangerously overmatched.
One particular pass thrown along the right sideline hung up for Arryn Chenault to pick off. If Chenault missed the toss his cornerback also could have caught it.
Kay hit 55% of his passes, but averaged a measely 3.8 yards per catch.
"It is still up in the air," said Coach Jones. "I tell you what it was great to see Brendon Kay out here. He was 100%. We won't name a number two quarterback until the week of Austin Peay."
While the indecision surrounds the backup quarterback role UC coaches rest easily knowing game one starter is Zach Collaros.
Sharp Collaros
No one performed more crisply Monday afternoon than Zach Collaros. Every drill demonstrated his precise passing. From 3 vs. 2 (w/ RB) to 1-on-1 to skeletons, Collaros repeatedly picked out a target and drilled a pass into his chest.
In the final thirty minutes of practice Collaros was 11-14 with 5 touchdowns and one interception. Much credit also goes to D.J. Woods the recipient of three touchdown passes.
Collaros hit Woods twice in man coverage and even fed Kenbrell Thompkins with a lovely lofted pass. All three went for 35-yard touchdowns.
Sunday night Collaros and J.K. Schaffer were named team captains. Each football game two additional/temporary captains will be named.