Kempt discusses his commitment

As Tommy Tuberville settles into his seventh floor Lindner Center office he must address the future of the quarterback position.
Brendon Kay might be back next fall. Teammates like Patrick Coyne, Munchie Legaux, Bennie Coney, and Trenton Norvell also expect to make their claim for the position in 2013 and beyond.
What remains to be seen is whether Kyle Kempt will join that impressive QB room horde of talent.
On December 8th Kyle texted "still committed but looking around."
This was a wise choice by Kempt considering the leadership void Butch Jones left at University of Cincinnati.
"Schools are on the road recruiting, but interested," Kempt commented Saturday evening. "So no offers will probably be given until they're back."
UC Athletic Director Whit Babcock tabbed Head Coach Tommy Tuberville the program leader Saturday, December 8th.
Kempt's reception of the new hire was warmed in the intervening days.
"I'd say he brings more stability to the program in general," said Kempt Tuesday evening. "I'm encouraged."
Kempt has not picked up an additional offer just yet, but external interest is bubbling. Kempt and many of the Jones' recruits intended to officially visit January 18th.
While that date may mark a significant gathering of future Bearcats many of the targets are making changes and seeking a safe landing pad now. Today.
The most stable commitments, Dylan Wiesman and Ben Flick, took a hit when Offensive Line Coach Don Mahoney was hired away to University of Tennessee.
As local young men their commitments could hold, but each cited Coach Mahoney as a major reason for their selection initially.
Within the first days following his hire Coach Tuberville lost A.J. Branisel, Robert Davis, and Tshumbi Johnson.