Josh Posley: Part I Coaching Transition

Since his UC recruitment began Josh Posley has been a model Bearcat. He 'Represented the C' with pride and honor beyond the tenure of the slogan's founder.
Now Posley finds himself in a precarious position. He lives in a foreign town without the coach who recruited him (Kerry Coombs) or the coach who guided them (Butch Jones).
For now Steve Stripling remains, but soon he too will be gone.
How are Josh and his father Dr. Clyde Posley reacting to this swift change?
"Uneasy would be a good place to start," said Dr. Posley. "We did understand this would be a possibility. It is the nature of the beast. We didn't expect it because of the things said by the staff and the direction that they gave. I think he is dealing with it well. He is a balanced kid. He believes success is what you make it. It is not predicated on the school, or the coach."
Based on his early progress in Clifton, Ohio Josh Posley is careening towards certain success.
That success appeared to be interrupted by the departure of Coach Jones to University of Tennessee.
"I can tell you that he was uncertain as any 19-year old that was committed to a place and a person, but he has been able to spring back. He was excited that Coach Tub came in and say he was a defensive-minded coach."
Coach Coombs and the UC staff recruited Posley to play Leo linebacker like sophomore-edition Walter Stewart. In the first year Posley was used exclusively as a down lineman.
"He has had a great opportunity to personally talk to Coach Tuberville, just general conversations," said Dr. Posley. "It is what coaches do at the beginning. He is excited about the possibility of three-man front because he wants to play outside linebacker. He wants to play outside linebacker."
Within months of his arrival he was already listed on the two deep. By the time his debut season rolled around Posley was in consideration for the DL rotation.
As the season opened DL Coach Stripling elected to rotate more players into the mix. Walter Stewart and Dan Giordano were the only returning starters and even they took many snaps off to allow for underclassman development.
Posley has gained 17 pounds since his arrival and yet his quickness persists. Adaptation has been a trademark of Posley's since early high school.
"He is doing well," said Dr. Posley. "I think graduating early really helped Josh."
Posley began his college career early by ending his high school career prematurely. He enrolled one winter ago with eight others.
Errol Clark, Bennie Coney, D.J. Dowdy, Marcus Foster, Kevin Brown, and Trenton Norvell stepped onto campus full-time the same month. Posley was also joined by two high school teammates when Deionte Buckley and Jon Burt matriculated to campus. Of the nine Clark is the only player no longer with the team.
Buckley, Posley, and Burt all began together. Buckley and Posley have already seen playing time while Burt spent his first fall redshirting. Buckley picked up 32 yards on 4 carries against Miami (Oh).
With an injury to blame Josh played just five games in his freshman season (2012), though he did record two tackles and 0.5 sacks.
Josh is certain to be on the Belk Bowl roster when UC travels to Charlotte in two weeks. Likely to join him will be his immediate family.
"Quite possibly," said Dr. Posley. "We have been talking about it. If I had to say yes or no, I would say yes."
The contemplative temperament of Dr. Posley clearly found a home in Josh making him a wonderful mixture of athletic burst and careful consideration. Brains and brawn coalesce into an edge-rushing presence to be feared for years to come.
In Josh Posley: Part II will address the youngster's injury and rehabilitation.