Guyn battling for backup PG

With Shaquille Thomas temporarily ineligible UC adds five players to their improving basketball program.
Ge-Lawn Guyn enters his first season with the least fanfare, but his preseason performances suggest playing time could be in his near future.
Guyn does not see anything as guaranteed.
"It is just a blessing to be here," said Guyn. "It took a long time."
After prepping for Scott County High School Guyn spent summers traveling with Indiana-based Indiana Elite AAU. He transferred to South Kent High School for a final year of high school.
Cincinnati now houses the Kentukcy-native. Living away from home for a year already helped Guyn and teammate Jeremiah Davis (Huntington Prep) adjust socially to the college life.
"It gave me more discipline," said Guyn. "I learned how to fight through adversity."
Physically Guyn advanced very well in the last year. He has a thin, wiry strength that allows him to battle every UC guard save Dixon.
This summer on campus allowed Guyn a chance to work with the Bearcat Strength Coach, Dave Andrews.
"We ran. We ran alot this summer," said Guyn. "Dave helped me out this summer."
His endurance is great. Coach Cronin loves Guyn's work ethic. The question is, 'Will Guyn play this season?'
"I am just looking to do whatever Coach Cronin asks from me," said Guyn. "If that means backup point guard then I will do it."
Last season Cashmere Wright started most games at the point. Dion Dixon provided a surprisingly capable backup option. The idea of playing Jaquon Parker on the ball has since evaporated.
Now SK, Jeremiah Davis, and Ge-Lawn Guyn rotate on point.
In practice Guyn excelled at breaking the press. He also demonstrated great conceptual spacing on the floor. Monday Guyn was coming off a excellent Meet the Bearcats showing.
He posted eleven points including three outside makes. With his leadership and poise on point the black team was able to dethrone veterans Yancy Gates and Cashmere Wright. Cincinnati is just two years removed from the worst shooting team in the conference. With an infusion of talent (Davis, Guyn, Jermaine Sanders) this statistic will flip swiftly.
Regardless of how much Guyn sees the floor his work ethic helps UC in practice. He pushes Cashmere Wright, Dixon, and Kilpatrick to work harder. He defends with an edge and quickly absorbs the offensive plays.
"It was tough coming in," said Guyn. "I am getting comfortable. It took awhile."