Future Football Schedule 2013

Tuesday morning the Big East Conference released their 2013 NCAA Football Schedule. Here is what Cincinnati sees:
Home: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Louisville
Away: Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF
Boise State splashed onto the Cincinnati football schedule, making the conference home schedule abnormally difficult.
In the last three years UC hosted North Carolina State, Fordham, and Oklahoma. The Virginia Tech game would have been a premiere event, but VT financially swayed UC to hold their home game in Washington D.C.
Two years ago the Bearcats had a remarkable home slate with the aforementioned Oklahoma, Louisville, and West Virginia.
All three games were housed in Paul Brown Stadium on the Ohio River.
Boise State's success in the last five years honestly rivals the Oklahoma Sooners short run. Sure the Sooners are finishing atop a stronger conference (Big 12), but BSU has only failed five times since 2008.
In the last seven years the Broncos suffered multiple losses just twice (2007, 2012).
Notable victories for Boise State in recent past include Georgia in 2011, Virginia Tech (2010), and 2009 topplers TCU and Oregon.
Another new member of the Big East will travel to Clifton, Ohio next fall. UCF Knights are trudging through some NCAA infractions which will ultimately hamper their conference transition.
A ten win season in 2007 and the 11-3 mark (2010) might just become distant memories when the penalties finally expire.
UCF football has been limited to two full-time recruiters who can recruit off-campus until 2014-2015. This marks a drastic diminishing. The only saving grace for UCF recruiters is that Orlando is situated nicely in the middle of thousands of elite recruits.
Perhaps they can get an inordinate number of targets on campus via unofficial visits. Regardless it will be a massive uphill battle for UCF, a team that will compete in the Saint Petersburg Bowl for the second time in the last four years.
Both UConn and Lousville are familiar opponents, but the Cardinals will likely be playing their final game at Nippert Stadium (unless UC advances into ACC).
So far the Bearcats are 2-0 in 'Goodbye Games.' This fall they beat Pittsburgh to open the season and downed Syracuse. In addition to Louisville, UC will get one last whack at Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights have been a team that truly owned UC this decade.
Not since 2010 has Cincinnati scored a touchdown against RU.
Any fan interested in making a hike with the Bearcats has the San Diego State option.
A beautiful city with nearly perfect weather, San Diego has only just begun to make college football a priority. You have to look back to the 1970's to find a more promising SDSU program.
They skated their way into the Big East Conference on the tails of the Boise State success. The Bearcats last competed against SDSU in 2007. It was not close with UC dismantling the Aztecs 52-23.
Returning to Memphis will be enjoyable. Freshman wide receiver Nate Cole will get to show off his hometown.