External Cincinnati evaluation

Cincinnati (2-1) continues to fight for a Big East Championship Saturday. The opponent, Temple Owls (2-3) are attempting to end a three game conference losing streak.
"Butch has been there third year, I think," said Head Coach Steve Addazio. "You can see that. I want us to be at the level of those teams next year. They are playing fast. They have some playmakers. And that is it."
Temple is adjusting to the move to the Big East Conference rather well. They won at South Florida and knocked off Connecticut in overtime. Unfortunately, the last three games were lost by an average of 27.66 points.
The Bearcats, on the other hand, are averaging the most points in the conference despite committing an inordinate about of turnovers (6 in last 2 games).
"They really play fast," said Coach Addazio. "That is noticeable. Then they have some skilled players. Munchie is a skilled guy. He makes plays throwing. He gives some plays away throwing, but he makes plays throwing. He obviously makes plays running."
Munchie Legaux has passed for 1716 yards. Though he was pulled in the third quarter against Syracuse he registered his highest completion percentage of the conference season (50.0%).
Brendon Kay and Legaux are currently battling for the starting spot this week. It is a battle Legaux won last April, but his wildly inaccurate passes probably forced the hand of Butch Jones Saturday.
Kay was given the final quarter+. Even though George Winn and the offensive line virtually obliterated the Syracuse defense late Kay was on the field when the game turned.
"They make a lot of plays in the air," said Coach Addazio. "It is different than Louisville's for sure. It is pretty explosive really. It is a pretty explosive offense. They have really explosive guys. The thing that made Louisville different is that Teddy Bridgewater throws the ball down the field really accurately."
Louisville punched home 45 points on Temple and the domination remains embedded in the mind of Coach Addazio. While he transitions to Cincinnati he sees another high-powered offense on his horizon.
"They can get it going in bunches," said Coach Addazio. "You know what I mean? Their two backs, I think, are outstanding."
George Winn put together a 165-yard afternoon against Syracuse. He managed three touchdowns on the ground and even threw a highlight-worthy pass to Travis Kelce for a fourth down conversion TD.
Ralph David Abernathy IV somewhat supplanted Winn a week prior against Louisville. Including his kickoff returns, receptions, and rushes RDA mush have racked up a career high for touches against Louisville.
Winn was entrusted with the duty of eating clock in the fourth quarter, a job that handed him fifteen carries in the final fifteen minutes.
Most of the game preparation by Temple will revolve around establishing their run and stopping Winn.
"I think this group here is a fast playing, hard playing, run the option, all read zones, QB-driven," said Coach Addazio. "They will throw it down the field and make big plays. Sometimes it has hurt them too."
Coach Addazio suggested that UC can fling the ball over the field, but the quarterback situation dictates the receivers adapt to a new arm.
A change at quarterback is not imminent, but Cincinnati intends to look different this week and this change requires adjustments. Adjustments that could impact the offensive fluidity.
Taking care of the ball has been a standard in the UC program set forth by Coach Jones. October and early November were not at all what aspires to and yet there are a few persistent traits UC banks upon.
"When I see Cincinnati they play really hard on both sides of the ball, like extremely hard," said Coach Addazio. "I can tell you that."