Coach Shannon Morrison visits KY high schools

The University of Cincinnati resides just three short miles from the Kentucky-Ohio border and yet the football roster features just three Kentucky products.*
Of the bluegrass boys only Adam Dempsey (Fort Thomas, KY) has a favorable shot of seeing playing time this fall. Walk-ons Dominic Mainello and QB Nick West complete the contingent.
Surely UC can pluck more talent from the neighboring state, right?
For goodness sakes Louisiana has contributed more scholarship players (Munchie Legaux) than Kentucky to the current roster.
Remedy Coach Morrison be thy name. Assistant Coach Shannon Morrison has spent the last ten days looking, asking, and visiting nearby high schools in Kentucky.
This is the year to assign a new face to Kentucky as the state boasts rare high-end talent.
Two elite prospects from Kentucky never really got the full UC recruitment. High school teammates Jason Hatcher and James Quick are far along in their recruitment and only Hatcher truly heard from the Bearcats.
These thoroughbreds are high-major players filtering through their mailboxes daily. It would be shocking if Cincinnati invests time or visits on these guys. Though far-fetched the only Big East team with a shot at Hatcher is Louisville.
Louisville Trinity also instructs Dalyn Dawkins, Ryan White (Louisville verbal), and Travis Wright. These three are currently looking up towards BCS-interest.
Louisville Trinity RB Dalyn Dawkins
In the last two weeks of Coach Morrison scooting through Kentucky he has not asked about Dalyn Dawkins. The running back has three major offers, Purdue and Illinois being the most noteworthy.
"No, I haven't (heard from UC)," reported Dawkins. "I have been to Ohio State spring game and Illinois for a junior day."
Dawkins rushed for 1,901 yards on 237 carries for an average of 8.0 yards per carry. In fairness his line completely outclassed defenses, but 34 touchdowns counts for something.
Dayln's father run for the Louisville Cardinals in 1991 Fiesta Bowl. More famous is his uncle Brian Dawkins, whom every voter should inject into the National Football Hall of Fame shortly.
Lexington Tates Creek DB Dennis Oxendine
Lexington-athlete Dennis Oxendine has had several visitors this month.
"Cincinnati, Louisville, and I got my first offer from Arkansas State," Oxendine stated eagerly.
We talked for a little bit. He asked me how things were going. Oxendine visited Joneseboro, AR this spring and such reciprocal interest certainly facilitated his Arkansas State I went to Arkansas State and Akron. Last Friday I got my first offer from Arkansas State.
Considering where he is with recruiting right now Oxendine needs to enhance his profile. To get his name and face out there he will attend three major Midwestern camps this summer.
"I am going to Ohio State, Louisville, and Kentucky camps."
Several teams believe Dennis can run the ball for them. However, the Bearcats foresee Oxendine succeeding as a free safety. In his sophomore season Oxendine plucked seven opposition passes from the sky. Could he top figure in his upcoming senior campaign?
Louisville St. Xavier RB Brandon Moore
Living in Indiana, prepping in Kentucky, and considering Ohio Brandon Moore reports visits from Shannon Morrison and Western Kentucky Assistant Coach Eric Mathies. Other regional schools like Illinois, Ball State, Purdue, and Indiana are curious about the athletic Moore.
Next Year
Nearly a year ago Cincinnati offered Lexington Catholic QB Kyle Bolin. The Louisville-commit swooped by University of Cincinnati on his way to NIKE Elite 11 in Columbus, Ohio. The offer did little to dissuade the Lexington youth from verbally committing to Louisville. Perhaps the Bearcats will have better success with the next run of Kentucky quarterbacks.
These are two players the Cats like in the Class of 2014.
Louisville Valley High QB Robert Jones (2014)
Halfway through high school Robert Jones has already established himself as a starting quarterback. This summer comes the hard work associated with the pursuit of greatness.
Hebron Conner QB Drew Barker (2014)
Louisville became the first to offer Drew Barker just this week. In time more wide-ranging colleges are certain to offer. The quarterback from Nick West's high school plans to camp with Ohio State, Penn State, and both state schools in June. Standing 6'4" Barker reminds of a few Class of 2012 pocket passers KY offered.
*Ft. Thomas Highlands brothers Drake Bruns and Devin Bruns will increase that figure to five when he arrives in June.