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Pro and Peer Evaluation of Troy Caupain

Midwest-based recruiting services, Northeast reporters, and NIKE EYBL observers all wonder what Troy Caupain can do simply because they never saw him play.
BearcatReport.com is no different. In an effort to familiarize UC basketball readers with their future guard BCR reached out to a current teammate of Troy Caupain. Also included will be an extended professional evaluation.
Peer evaluation
Caupain is well liked amongst his AAU teammates and high school friends. The AAU outfit Team Loaded runs out both Troy Caupain and R.J. Curington. Curington emigrated from Chicagoland to Oak Hill Academy. He has played with CIA Bounce (Toronto) and other elite teams.
"He is a scoring point guard, who can get to the rim any time he wants," said Team Loaded teammate R.J. Curington. "He has a knack for either scoring or drawing fouls. Excellent free-throw shooter. Can defend as well."
Refining his game will be mandatory for Troy, much like it is for every teenage athlete. The biggest adjustment will be locking in to one position.
Point guard or shooting guard. AAU teammate Curington made his pick for Caupain's future.
"I'd pick point guard," said Curington. "He can drive and kick it to open shooters."
As a shooter Curington should know better than most.
Caupain might not be the most capable point guard in his class let alone team wide. Put aside the fact that veterans Jeremiah Davis and Ge'Lawn Guyn will be midway through their college careers. The problem arises summer 2013 when Caupain joins Kevin Johnson, the Summit Country Day combo guard, in Cincinnati.
Professional evaluation
Hoops Analyst Matthew Hatfield works for VAPreps.com. His opinions can be heard on radio, seen on television, and read in the Suffolk News Herald. Hatfield is one of the foremost authorities on Caupain's game.
"I have watched him about four times his high school game," said Hatfield. "I have seen him a few times this AAU season. I like that he attacks, penetrates to the basket."
Predominately known as a slashing guard Caupain averaged 25.7 ppg during the high school season.
Keep in mind Troy's team Cosby High did not play an elite schedule so his scoring average could be a tad inflated. Regular opponents included Richmond Meadowbrook, Chesterfield Bird, and Richmond Huguenot. Very few college prospects compete for these outfits.
Maybe Caupain can destroy college defenders with the same consistency. Maybe he can't. Time will tell.
This month Caupain's AAU squad will venture to Las Vegas. Many of Rivals150 stars will bring their teams to compete and Caupain will surely meet elite foes.
"He uses his athletic ability," said Hatfield. "Uses excellent body control. That gives him an edge on most defenders. He has a good hop step move into the lane. His outside jumper is going to have to be more proficient. He can get to the basket at will against anybody at this level."
Despite his current dominance Caupain does have a few areas aching for improvement.
Outside shooting for one.
"I want to see him become a guy that can hurt you from the three point line better," said Hatfield. "I think he is definitely a shooting guard. If he is a one he is a scoring point guard. He is the second leading scorer in the state at AAA."
While scoring is certainly a prerequisite for shooting guard Caupain presently challenges the notion that all shooting guards must shoot from deep.
The high volume scorer doesn't lean on or rely upon the triple. He also doesn't pass much. In July his passing totals should climb now that Caupain needs no further scholarship offers of interest.
The best path for committed players on the AAU circuit is one of ultimate deference. Make your teammates look their best and generate a heightened buzz for them.
"I think the way he scores on high school team and AAU he commands the attention of the defense," said Hatfield. "I think that allows other guys to step up. When he looks to do something he is quick, but not in a hurry. He is a guy that is looking to make something happen. He is not in a rush. If a double team is there he doesn't take a bad shot. He has a fair amount of patience to his game."
Caupain will certainly help the Bearcats offensively, whether he morph into a point guard or remain a scoring guard. The offensive skill set possessed is diverse and established.
"He can change the game offensively," said Hatfield. "He can score in transition or half court. He has a lot of things going right or left. I think he is going to have very little issues offensively. He has a nice crossover. He attacks the basket. He has some fierceness to him. He keeps attacking."