July 2, 2009

Jackson Open to Other Positions

Quarterback is always the most talked about and followed position during each recruiting class, and for Baylor fans that will be even more so in the 2011 class. Next year appears to be the year with the Bears will really try to find the next talented quarterback to come to Waco and take over for Robert Griffin.

One of the top dual threat quarterbacks in the next class is Cedar Hill's Driphus Jackson. The 6ft, 175lb playmaker took over as the Longhorns quarterback as a sophomore last season leading one of the most talent rich programs in the state.

Recently Jackson attended the Bears one day camp in South Grand Prairie.

"It was fun. I learned a lot," Jackson said. "I was able to take a lot of it and apply it to the 7 on 7 games that we had."

Like many other players that attended one or more of Baylor's camps in June, Jackson mentioned how man new things he learned from his experience.

"Coach Montgomery taught us the open stance. He also taught us five and seven step drops, and how to come from under center and make a running throw," Jackson said. "It was a lot of things that we don't do at Cedar Hill as far as going up under center. He helped me figure it out while I was there."

Many coaches made a impression on the young player, but none more than Baylor's co-offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Phillip Montgomery.

"They're (Baylor coaches) really cool. They're really down to earth," he said. "Coach Montgomery acts like one of the kids. He's really energetic and motivated the kids to keep going even though we didn't look as good as we wanted to. He helped us out a lot."

During Jackson's recruitment and if he eventually decides to sign with Baylor, the coaches will all be fighting for him to play different positions. The coaches have asked him to come back to their camp in mid July and possibly work out at receiver or defensive back.

"They want to see me work some at receiver," said Jackson. "Coach Montgomery wanted me to stay at quarterback, but they said they would like to see me at receiver too because of what I can do when I have the ball in my hands."

Jackson understands that because of his size he may not have very many opportunities to play quarterback in college and he's ok with that. He has only played quarterback for Cedar Hill, but he thinks he has the skills to be successful at many places on the field.

He'll have opportunities to play quarterback at some schools, and possibly at Baylor, but having the opportunity to play quarterback is not going to be the deciding factor when he makes his decision.

"Playing another position is not a problem for me. I'm more interested in what a school has to offer me academically," Jackson said. "I'm getting built up to play that position, but I think because of my size and because the quarterbacks in my class are all prototypical quarterbacks, then I know I'll end up playing another position."

"I don't mind going to another school and playing another position other than quarterback. It doesn't bother me at all," he said.

As evidence by his presence at Baylor's camp, Jackson already has a lot of early interest in the Baylor program and his opinion of them has continued to improve after getting to know the coaches at the camp.

"I love Baylor. Baylor is one of the schools that I'm looking at right now to go to," said Jackson. "The coaches are more down to earth and everything. They teach me a lot and they're very likeable. They put things in layman's terms instead of making it very difficult. They actually put it to where you understand it."

The Cedar Hill product would like to attend Baylor's next camp, but he isn't sure of his summer basketball schedule. If he is free then he said he will "more than likely" attend.

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