July 19, 2011

GBK's Inside the Huddle: Prepsters arrive for R-Day


The coaching staff is back in the office and meeting on Tuesday for the first time as a group as they prepare for summer practice.

The plebes (direct and via the prep school) appear to being adjusting well and the USMAPS players are now offiically on post, as they arrived for their R-Day on Monday.

All the players looked really fit and ready, as they all gathered on Sunday for a brief "cookout" at Head Coach Rich Ellerson's home.

Up Close & Personal

It is obvious that they spent their post high school career and abbreviated summer working out, as many incoming prepsters passed the eye test, along getting the opportunity to finally to hang out with one another.

Seeing quarterback Kelvin White up close and personal only confirmed that at 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, he is someone to keep an eye on.

Then there was 6-foot-5, 295 pound offensive lineman Matt Hugenberg, who looked even bigger now than he did when he came up for his official visit.

Another biggie is 6-foot-3, 295 pound defensive tackle Tyrone Brown. He truly looks the part of a defensive lineman.

However, like most of the big boys coming in, he will lose some weight as prepsters will kick off their version of Mass Athletics on Wednesday.
Kicker Daniel Grochowski arrived looking more like Chicago Bears' linebacker Brian Urlacher versus an incoming frosh kicker.
One observer added, there aren't going to be too many roughing the kicker because the opponents will be afraid of him.

Running back Terrence Baggett came in looking like Adrian Peterson.

He was walking around or as the younger generation would say … "he a yoked up dude". He's a true freshman and has the physique of upperclassman versus a plebe.

It is clear that if there was a Body Award for this incoming group, Baggett would be the clear winner.

Right behind Baggett on the look test is another running back, Miles Bennett. Physically, he looked great when he came up on his visit and even better now. Bennett, who runs a legit 10.8 100M, may be given the opportunity to show his talents beyond just the running back spot.

This incoming group of players only confirms that the Army coaching staff continues to pile on the talent into the program.


On Monday evening, the direct frosh crew made their way up to the football facilities, where the defensive guys will have a chance to run around with the coaches. The offensive freshmen received their physical - just to check them out to ensure that all the parts are functionally properly.

Rover, Justin Trimble remains at home with his family and the coaching staff has given the sophomore as much time as needed to ensure that his family is doing okay due to the untimely death of his father, Stephen.

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